Code of Conduct

Members Code of Conduct


As a Member of Kooindah Waters Golf Club (KWGC) you must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by KWGC and in your role as a Member in any activity held by or under the auspices of KWGC:

  • Be fair, considerate and respect the rights of fellow Members/staff/players. Refrain from any behaviour that may bring KWGC into disrepute.
  • Do not use your involvement with KWGC to promote your own beliefs, behaviours or practices where these are inconsistent with those of KWGC.
  • Care for and respect the infrastructure and equipment of the golf course and the associated hotel and residential development.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner relating to language, temper and punctuality. Refrain from any form of harassment of others.
  • Abide by the Rules of Golf and KW Local Rules, observe all directions in respect of the pace of play and respect the decision of the authorised official, making all appeals through the formal process and respecting the final decision.
  • Respect all staff and abide by the directions given.

Breaching any part of this Code may result in a Member/player being given a verbal or written warning.

For more severe cases or repeat offences a Member/player will be suspended from play and may not recommence play until the matter has been adjudicated. The involved Member(s)/player(s) may be asked to provide testimony on the matter.

Management has the right to TERMINATE MEMBERSHIP if they feel the Member has breached the Code of Conduct in a severe case or verbally/physically abused a member of the staff, fellow member or guest.